National Volunteer Week

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Volunteers are the backbone of our communities – contributing invaluable skills, knowledge, and experience in all aspects of our community, from volunteer firemen to youth pastors.

National volunteer week is an opportunity to celebrate volunteers and their contributions in our communities.

National Volunteer Week 2015 runs from 21 – 27 June and is themed, ‘there is a place for you to volunteer’.

Volunteers freely donate their time and energy supporting a range of non-profit institutions including everything from performing arts centres, kindergartens, faith groups, youth organisations, social services, advocacy groups, community boards, whānau and iwi organisations to aid and relief organisations.

Pitching in and helping out is a cornerstone of New Zealand culture.

About a third of all New Zealanders get involved in their communities through volunteering for an organisation, providing millions of volunteer hours each and every year.

The investment of time, effort, and energy not only helps our country to function, but also contributes to the strength and resilience of our communities, making a significant economic contribution.

We recognise volunteering provides outlets for people to grow, feel valued, and contribute to our communities with the experiences they seek and share.

Most importantly, these activities bring people together and ensure our communities are vibrant, positive places to live.

We’re proud of New Zealand’s leading role in the efforts made by our volunteers.

As your local MP, I would like to thank all volunteers in our community who give their skills and time in many ways – you help to make a real difference. In the 2013 Census around 7500 people in Invercargill recorded that they did voluntary work.

The efforts of Invercargill volunteers has supported New Zealand in ranking in the top five5 most charitable countries since 2010 on the World Giving Index.

As we mark national volunteer week, we have the opportunity to celebrate and give thanks to the unpaid workforce who help build stronger communities for our future generations.