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Southlanders are worried about the future of whitebaiting in the region and whether time might soon be up on this treasured recreational past-time, National’s MP for Invercargill Sarah Dowie says.

“Whitebaiters turned up, in mass, at a public meeting in Invercargill today to discuss Conservation Minister Eugenie Sage’s proposed changes to rules governing the fishery.

“There were a number of sensible suggestions regarding the conservation of whitebait moving forward but generally all are concerned about the heavy-handed nature of the proposals and the lack of evidence to support this. 

“There was also mistrust of the process and earlier processes with many people suggesting the decisions had already been made. 

“Considering the Minister’s well documented Green Party ideology, whitebaiters have every right to be concerned about their future and processes being pre-determined.

“National opposed the Indigenous Freshwater Fish Amendment Bill which is the legislation that currently gives Sage the ability to ban whitebaiting on rivers and put other measures which limit take in place.” 


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